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Parapente Colima Miembros de la Federacion Mexicana de Parapente y Ala Delta
Colima is the best place to fly paraglider and hang glider in Mexico, because you can fly all the year and is a nice and interesting city !!!

Parapente Colima is a local association of paragliders pilots, we enjoy fly in our city Colima, Colima is locate in the center of Mexico, at 150 miles from the south of Guadalajara City ! very close from the beach Manzanillo, Barra de Navidad, Pascuales, Maruata, Ticla etc, amazing beaches closer than 35 miles, Colima have a interesting volcanoes, caves, and rivers, is one of the most clean and safe city of the Mexico tested by INEGI

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Gerardo fly over Colima, back you can se the volcanoes, at the left is the "Nevado de Colima" right volcano "Volcan de Fuego"
This is the Waterfall "El Salto" in the river Minatitlan, the adventure company "Colima Extremo" offer tours and canyoning.

Colima is a interesting place to explore caves, the mountain "Sierra de Manantlan" have more than 150 caves naturals, 4 caves open for tourist, and the area of Ixtlahuacan offer more unexplored caves. The pilot Mitch Ventura is a professional speleological.

Safety poster for paragliders pilots.

We are a friendly group of pilots, our principal takeof area is call the hill "La Cumbre" is a free area to fly, you don´t pay nothing. the take of area is public, property of the government of the state of Colima, have a excellent roads ideal for small cars.

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(fotos de carros subiendo a la cumbre por diferentes partes del camino y despegando)

In Colima you can fly all the year, Colima have 2 god seasons to fly, in the winter and summer, the most better months to fly is in, January, February and March


In Colima you can fly paraglider and hang glider, ideal for large cross country, you can see routes to XC in this link: LEONARDO

Takeoff Juan Moreno Hangglider in tne hill "La Cumbre"

Interesting places in Colima
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Phone and address off Paraglide club.
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